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322                         BYZANTINE CHURCHES                       CHAP.
OUTER NARTHEX First Bay (at the north end].
1.  In the northern lunette.—The angel announcing to Joseph, in a
dream, the birth of Jesus. To the right, journey of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Simon the son of Joseph walks ahead, carrying a bundle. In the background, meeting of Mary and Elizabeth.
2.   In the eastern lunette.—The registration of Joseph and Mary at
Bethlehem before Cyrenius.   (Said to be unique in the East.1) On the arch over the eastern lunette.—Busts (in medallions) of SS. Mardarius, Auxentius (only one letter of the name remains^ SS. Eustratius, Orestes.
3.  On the western lunette.—The Holy Family on the way to the
first passover of Jesus at Jerusalem.
On the arch over the western lunette.—The busts (in medallions) of SS. Anempodistus, Elpidephorus, Akindynus, Aphthonius, Pegasius.
4.   In the vault.—The scene has disappeared.   Possibly it represented
Jesus among the doctors in the temple.
5.  On the soffit of the transverse arch, between the first and second
bays.—To the east, S. Andronicus ; to the west, S. Tarachus.
Second Bay
6.  In the eastern lunette.—The birth of Jesus.   In the background,
to left, the angel appearing to the shepherds; to right, the magi beholding the star shining over the manger in which lies the Holy Child, while an ox and an ass feed in it. In the centre, Mary on a couch. In the foreground, to left, two women bathing the Holy Child j to the right, Joseph seated on the ground and gazing at the Holy Child, On the arch above the eastern lunette.-—The busts (in medallions) of SS. Philemon, Leukius, Kallinikus, Thyrsus, Apollonius.
7.  In the western lunette.—Return of the Holy Family from Egypt
to Nazareth.
In the arch above the western lunette.—The busts (in medallions) of SS. Engraphus (?), Menas, Hermogenes, Laurus, Florus, Menas, Victor, Vikentius.
8.  In the vault.—The baptism of Jesus j the scenes in the tempta-
tion of Jesus,
9.   On the second transverse arch.—To the east, S. George; to
the west, S. Demetrius.
1 Diehl, Etudes byzantines: Les mosa^ques de Kahrit DjamL